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a place to find a wedding service

Hi, I wrote in here a few weeks ago about a new wedding directory that I set up at Well I just wanted to write and tell you that now we have been running 3 weeks we have over 122 listed businesses that serve weddings and wanted to give those getting married an opportunity to use this information. It doesnt cost anything and you dont have to sign up to the site or anything to find the service providers you need, just go to the url above and browse:) For those getting married who want to talk to others we also have a forum, which needs some good people like yourselves to get it off the ground.

If you are a wedding service provider who hasnt signed up with us yet please do consider listing your business because in 3 weeks we have had over 4000 unique hits, we are advertising in bridal magazines and all over the place. We have free listings and the opportunity to have a (paid) featured listing.

Thanks for listening.

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