rosewithering (rosewithering) wrote in dreamweddings,

One year,One month and four days till my wedding day

I'm so excited to have finally found a group I can share my hopes and dreams and ideas for my wedding with. Hi I'm a bride to be, and I'm having a royal renaissance wedding on October twentieth two thousand seven. It's a year away and my fiance and I have it almost completely planned. I already have my dress, my cake design,the beginnings of my silk bouquets and the menu planned. I also already have my reception and ceremony sites booked. I'm just too excited, and I want to do it all myself. I also don't believe in the idea of rushing around the last month trying to get everything done, or in saving for the wedding, I've known too many brides who end up having an emergency come up and they have to use their wedding savings for it. I believ in gradually purchasing the stuff when you have the money, then for one you're sure to get what you want and don't have to worry that you wont have the money. My fiance and I have so much to get before we can even begin saving momney for the wedding, we need tpo find a place together and get a new veicle. If we waited to save, we'd end up having to push the wedding back, and we don't want to do that.
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