Heather (sugrplum_499) wrote in dreamweddings,


Hi everyone! Just thought I'd introduce myself :)

My name's Heather, & I live in the So Cal area. My fiancee, Ryan, & I are have JUST set the date for our wedding, & we couldn't be more ecstatic! We're getting married on Halloween 2006, which is perfect since we both adore Halloween. We also have a venue (Queen Mary in Long Beach).

I've been married once before, but it was literally a shotgun wedding. I have a toddler, & his father & I were briefly married. BUT my mom took over most of the planning duties for that wedding. THIS wedding, my fiancee & I are planning. He's very hands-on, thank God.

Now that we've set a date, I'm actually getting a bit nervous! hehe But that's normal, I know.

Anyway, so I'm hoping to find some other brides-to-be that I can vent to, bounce ideas off of, etc.

And if anyone could make me one of those icons that have a picture of a ring, with "10-31-06", I would be beyond grateful hehe

Can't wait to talk more with you guys :)
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